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“Beholding Him
we become like Him”

“In His Presence” Ministries
Mission Statement

     The objective of “In His Presence” Ministries, is to engage the Body of Christ in an ongoing and vitalizing worship experience with their Creator!  To strengthen, edify, exhort, comfort, encourage and enlarge the believer in his or her relationship with the living, dynamic and personal GOD!
     By creating an atmosphere for the habitation of God through intimate praise and worship, we can enter in and draw near to Him, experiencing new heights and new depths of His Manifest Presence!
                   Praising Him until the Worship comes,
                   We Worship until the Glory comes.
                   In His Presence, there is Fullness,
                   And in His Fullness, we are Whole.
          As we corporately taste and see that the Lord is good, we are transformed into His likeness.  In His Presence, we are energized and equipped to take the glorious Gospel of Jesus:
                   To all the people we can,
                   Everywhere we can,
                   By all the means we can,
                   For as long as we can!
                                                          Shalom~ Terry Jahner


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