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Leaving the secular world in 1999, Terry responded to the call on her
life to serve the Body of Christ full time as a worship leader. 
God directed her to use the name “IN HIS PRESENCE MINISTRIES” and the prophetic journey began.
Assisting the five fold ministry, she travels the country as a prophetic psalmist. Her gifting releases the manifest presence of God through powerful praise and intimate worship. As she flows with the Holy Spirit, the Lord invades the atmosphere in glorious times of refreshing and personal encounters.
She comes from rich musical background in her family.
Great grandparents traveled by horse and buggy in the early 1900’s, playing music for early settler communities.
Her mother was church organist, music teacher, concert singer and  saxophone player. This delightful heritage exposed the family to music as a natural part of everyday life.
Younger brother “Mitchel Jon” from Nashville Tennessee is also doing musical evangelism.
Terry released a Nashville Gospel project,  appropriately reflecting the call on her life; “The Road Less Traveled.”
She has several live prophetic worship CD’s available and teaching CD’s.
Terry is a passionate Bible teacher and also an ordained Minister of the Gospel.

A few of the wonderful people Terry has had the privilege to work with are: Jim Goll, Miles Monroe, Mike & Cindy Jacobs, Brian Fenimore, Bobby Conners, Paul Keith Davis, Ryan Wyatt, Gwen Shaw, Kenny Blacksmith, Negiel Bigpond, Jim Sky, Jay Swallow, Bill Sudduth, John Benefiel, Mike Rogers, Chad Taylor, Bruce Van Natta, Dave Duell,
Mike Brown, Jeff Johns, etc.

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